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Vanilla Bean/ Hanging Diffuser
  • Vanilla Bean/ Hanging Diffuser
Vanilla Bean/ Hanging Diffuser - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Our new range of hanging diffusers come in all fragrances and hold 10ml of diffuser liquid.

Suitable for hanging in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, cupboards, wardrobes etc. Remove the cork and plastic and fill as required. Replace cork on bottle and ensure it’s on tight.  Turn the bottle upside down several times until the cork is soaked. The scented diffuser emits from the soaked cork top.

 Important Warning:

  • *Sometimes the diffuser liquid may absorb into the rope past the wooden/beaded blocker. If this ocurs you must be sure the rope is hanging from materials that wont be affected or damaged by the liquid soaked into the rope.
  • *Hanging diffusers should not be left in high heat environments exceeding 30C as they have been known to explode.
  • *Clean up spills immediately. Diffuser base and fragrance oil can damage (but not limited to) surfaces like plastics, polished/varnished surfaces and wood.